Here is the training schedule that I follow. It is very basic, very easy, requires no free weights or any other type of resistance tools. The only thing you will need for these exercises other than your body is a good pair of running shoes, something to perform pull-ups on and something you can place your feet under to perform sit-ups.

Here is what I have been following for the past 4 months.

Pull-Ups: 3 maximum rep sets
Push-Ups: 3 maximum rep sets
Sit-ups: 3 maximum rep sets
Run: 3 miles timed

I know, your thinking "that's it". Yep, it sure is, but don't let that fool you. This is not a very easy program to follow at first but once you get past the infamous first two weeks your body becomes aclamated with the exercise therefore not tiring you out quite as much. You will remain sore for sometime, but keep in mind that that is a good thing. You just have to know your limits so you don't go to far. The goal of this program is to push you to your limits hence every exercise is done to your maximum rep count. In doing a program like this its easy to recieve and injury by over exerting yourself. It is very important that you know when you are pushing your self to far, HOWEVER that is not an excuse for you to act like a baby.

RUNNING, is very important for your cardio workouts. In my opinion its the king of cardio. Not only is it easy but it affects everything. I started out this prrogram running 1 mile everother day, however by the end of the first month I was running 4 miles every other day. The point is to repeat each mile for the week at the same distance, then the next week you kick it up a mile. It doesn't sound much but its a huge increase. This is one of the more important exercises to keep an eye on for your health. It's very easy to get shin splints when running to much.

Another important thing to not skip.

STRETCH!! I always stretch before starting my exercises for atleast five minutes. Make sure you are stretched and have blood flowing before starting. Before lifting I usually jump 10 times or run really quick in palce for 10 seconds before I do my exercises. The more blood you have pumping the more oxygen is getting to your muscles which means more strength and endurance.

Also, don't forget to stretch afterwards. This is important for warding off injuries.


As for the diet, you'll be burning lots of calories and carbs daily. The biggest help from food you can get for building mucle is protein. It's the number one king of the hill. It's also the easiest one to get along with carbohydrates. Both are very important with this type of training. The point of this training is to get you fit, cut, and ripped, not extremely skinny, wirey, and weak. If you follow this program with out supplying your body with the tools to recover, you will turn into a string bean in no time.

I follow a pretty lax eating regime. I'm not the type who counts calories and pre-makes my meals befor hand. I say screw that. It takes the fun out of everything. My main goal is to eat healthy and to know how to do that.

Example of a healthy meal: Turkey sandwhich with reduced fat cheese and mustard. Mayo is a no no but in all honesty, your going to burn it off anyways.

Example of an unhealthy meal: McDonalds, fries, large coke. DUH!

You know whats healthy or not, its pretty common sense. The point is to intake lots of protein and carb's. Protein for muscle building and Carb's for fuel. With out those two you will see minimal results. Lunch and diner need to consist of some meat, some bread/noodles, green vegtables, and water/tea/juice/etc. Try and stay away from coke as much as possible. It was easier for me to restrain from it by not even buying any when grocery shopping. If its not in your house you won't consume it. Simple as that. Sweets like cookies, cake, and candy also need the boot.I limit myself to 3 cookies after one meal in the day if I even choose to have them. One Chips Ahoy cookie contains around 75 calories if Im not mistaken, which is a lot for a cookie.

So as far as dieting goes. You know whats healthy and whats not. Chances are, if your cooking it at home its 10x better for you then if you got it from a fast food chain.

I'll updatemore to this when time permits and I find new things. Until then, stay fit, stay healthy.