Today's the day folks. In one hour I will be starting my new training regime. It's gonna be hard, tiring, stressful, and a sore adventure. BUT, most of all its gonna be fun. I know I know, it sounds crazy to think that but I can't wait. It's gonna be all worth it and its also going to show some huge results. So here we go.

My body stats as of Monday, November 3rd:

Weight - 152lbs
Fat - 10.2%
Muscle - 46.3%
Water - 62.2%
B% - 21.9%

Caloric Intake Average - 1780

First, I'm surprised by my stats. Back in July I weighed around 165 and had quite a bit more muscle, but I went on a break and got stuck on break, lol. So I have pretty much lost what I had worked to get. Such are the dangers of "taking a break". So if you ever decide to take a break, set a limit. Make it a week, two weeks tops.

Second, I'm still surprised hahaha. However, all of that is fixing to change.



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