It just dawned on me that I hadn't come up with weekly schedule. I decided that I'd spread the days out so I'd have at least one day of recovery in between. So my schedule will look like this.

Monday - Chest and Arms
Tuesday - Run 3 miles
Wednesday - PT
Thursday - Run 1.5 miles
Friday -  Legs and Back
Saturday - Run 1 mile
Sunday - Calves and Abs

The miles I'm sure will differ depending on how hard PT was that week. If my legs are insanely sore, the miles will be less, if not I'll increase the miles to make them sore, haha.

Keep in mind our PT's are Cross fit workouts so we work each muscle group.


On another note. I just finished Monday's exercises and I must say..........WOW!!! The arm pump you get from that simple workout is incredible. I literally looks like my arms just got an extra inch added in muscle. I kid you not, I am extremely shocked. So with that said, you guys should most def. give that a try.



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