I'm sure a few of you guys are wondering where I have been the last few weeks. It's been a long tough road and its only just begun but my family has had a big event happen on our lives. It's something that is wrong, cruel, and something that no one should have to experience but none the less my family is having to go through this ordeal. I am choosing not to give details on the subject because 1) it's to long of a story 2) some people do not want it known outside of the family 3) I've told it so many times I don't think I could possibly stomach having to tell it again.

So I apologize for my absence and also for not informing you guys before hand that I was gonna be gone.

I'll be starting back up on my usual blogging, and will again have to restart my training again. I have been attending PT though through out all of this so I haven't slacked off to much, but next Monday I start back onto my training program, so I'll keep you guys updated.



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