All I can say is....................OUCH!

At PT Wednesday we did out Fallujah workout. It's out hardest training regime that we have. It's pretty brutal, but its a damn good workout. I feel like I got hit by a train, haha. Below is a basic run down of what we did.


Our Fallujah regime is consisted of:
4x100ft Lungs
4x25 kettle ball squats
4x20 push ups
Indian Farkleks 3 miles(however the hell you spell it)
the normal PT push ups, crunches, etc
Crawl tunnel (dunno the actual name for it, you basicall have everyone get into a push up position side by side, then each person crawls through the tunnel)
Marine Corps Push ups (HELL YEA)
Education (we did squats tonight while Sgt. Bruce asked us random Marine Corps Knowledge, if you answered correctly you were done for the night)



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