It just dawned on me that I hadn't come up with weekly schedule. I decided that I'd spread the days out so I'd have at least one day of recovery in between. So my schedule will look like this.

Monday - Chest and Arms
Tuesday - Run 3 miles
Wednesday - PT
Thursday - Run 1.5 miles
Friday -  Legs and Back
Saturday - Run 1 mile
Sunday - Calves and Abs

The miles I'm sure will differ depending on how hard PT was that week. If my legs are insanely sore, the miles will be less, if not I'll increase the miles to make them sore, haha.

Keep in mind our PT's are Cross fit workouts so we work each muscle group.


On another note. I just finished Monday's exercises and I must say..........WOW!!! The arm pump you get from that simple workout is incredible. I literally looks like my arms just got an extra inch added in muscle. I kid you not, I am extremely shocked. So with that said, you guys should most def. give that a try.


Today's the day folks. In one hour I will be starting my new training regime. It's gonna be hard, tiring, stressful, and a sore adventure. BUT, most of all its gonna be fun. I know I know, it sounds crazy to think that but I can't wait. It's gonna be all worth it and its also going to show some huge results. So here we go.

My body stats as of Monday, November 3rd:

Weight - 152lbs
Fat - 10.2%
Muscle - 46.3%
Water - 62.2%
B% - 21.9%

Caloric Intake Average - 1780

First, I'm surprised by my stats. Back in July I weighed around 165 and had quite a bit more muscle, but I went on a break and got stuck on break, lol. So I have pretty much lost what I had worked to get. Such are the dangers of "taking a break". So if you ever decide to take a break, set a limit. Make it a week, two weeks tops.

Second, I'm still surprised hahaha. However, all of that is fixing to change.


Well tomorrow I'll be starting my new work out regime. These last two PT's have over worked me in a bad way to the point were I couldn't exercise the next few days. That's bad but its not the PT's fault. It's mine. Obviously I'm not doing either enough or the right exercise. So I'll be mixing the 3 day work out plan with the Wednesday PT sessions.

Tomorrow I will post a few pics of my start figure. I'll also post my stats as far as weight, body fat percentage, etc. In doing this I can keep visual and data track of my progress and also you as my readers can follow my progress. You will also be able to see the first hand effect of these excercises as proof that they work.

Each month I will post new pictures and new stats for you to see. I'll also post my start reps for my exercises tomorrow and will keep track of those as well.

So check back here tomorrow for the start of this new adventure. And wish me luck. The first couple of weeks will be hell.


Whew, what a week. As your well aware, I haven't posted a single entry since Sunday. Monday consisted of training, training, and more training. Tuesday consisted of Sprint Training, which I'll post my results in the training section of this post. Wednesday consisted of my first DEP PT. Now some of you may be saying, "wait a second, your not even in DEP yet". In which case you are right. I am not in DEP yet, however I asked Sgt. Bruce if I could still attend the PT's until I take the ASVAB come November. He said it was a great idea. Well as my readers may know from my previous posts, I have made a pact with myself to ride my bike to and from the recruiters office. It's 5.58 miles one way. That's not that far of a distance but when the wind is blowing against the entire way at an average of 15mph you feel like your riding your bike through sand, literally. So by the time I got to the office, which took me about 24 minutes plus some change, my legs felt like jello.

So I get there, I stretch, get some water, etc. At this point I have only met other person who is in DEP. I am the worlds worst with names so I honestly can't remember his name for the life of me. I'm a visual person so I can describe people to the "T" with just one look.

Anyways, we started PT around 1700. It consisted of doing a 50 yard segment of Lunges, 40 push ups, Lunge back, 40 Kettle Squats, Lunge back, 30 push ups, Lunge back, 30 Kettle Squats, Lunge back, 20 push ups, Lunge back, 20 Kettle Squats, Lunge back, 10 push ups, Lunge back, 10 Kettle Squats.

Sounds insane!? Yes, it is. But thats the Marine Corps way. All or nothing.

Next up we Flutter Kicks and Hello Dolly's. Now remembr we just did an insane leg workout. By the time we got to the Flutter Kicks and Hello Dolly's my legs were literally shaking. I could barely stand from such massive muscle failure. The Kicks and Hello's didn't do anything to help that by a mile.

After the Flutter Kicks and Hello Dolly's we started our hump around the shopping plaza. I'd say its roughly 1.5 miles, so its not that bad at all....................when your starting out fresh. Keep in mind I could barely stand at this point and I'm not exagerating one bit. We sung a few classic Marine Corps cadences which literally was the only thing that got me through that run. If it wasn't for focusing everything I had on singing along and robotically moving my legs even though they said NO  wouldn't have made it.

After the run, we did Team push ups. I do not know the specific name for the type of push up but its were you have four guys, you form a square by placing your feet on the back of the guy next to you forming a square chain effect. We only did five of these because they were especially harder then normal push ups. Everyone had to yell just to pump out the last strength they had just to complete the push up.

After that we formed a circle to discuse some Marine Corps ranks, etc. We also were informed that we will be quized on our Ranks and our eleven General Orders. So I'll be studying those between now and next wednesday.

After all of that, I still had to ride another 5.58 miles back home. If that doesn't show dedication I don't know what the hell does.




Wednesday's Sprint Training:
25 yard: 3.60
50 yard: 7:31



Thursday's Diet:

Breakfast: Cereal Bar

Lunch: Chicken Nuggets, Sweet Tea

Dinner: Honey Covered Chicken Nuggests, gaterade ( yes, i love chicken nuggets from the grocery store)


So today was the big day and I'll forewarn you that it didn't have a happy ending.

This morning I woke up at 0600, got my self dressed, fed, and ready to go by 0615. I stretched, downed a 16oz. glass of cranberry juice and hit the road around 0630. I was to meet Ssgt. Hunter at the recruiters office at 0700. I got there about 20 minutes early, so I walked around the strip center while burning some time. After about 15 or 20 minutes Sgt. bruce (my actual recruiter) shows up. So I greeted him, said good morning, yada yada yada. Sgt. Bruce ended up taking me to the local Army Reserves base by the airport to take my ASVAB. So we get there and there's this huge line of about 50+ people. While I'm standing there I'm observing all of these people who were also waiting. Some were wanna be gangsta's, some were nerd's, some were just Joe Shmoes. I was a Joe Shmoe, hahaha. So i ended up getting to go a head of everybody else because i was one of only 3 Marine Corps poolee's there to take the test.

I'll just go a head and skip the boring stuff at the beginning and get straight to the test its self.

There are two things that I will warn you about the test.

A) Do NOT stress over it. Trust me, when your done you'll laugh that you were even worried about it.

B) The test is insanely easily. All of the practice test's and full length tests that I took in prep before the real test were ten times harder then the actual test.

The biggest thing that I was worried about was time. I was freaking out because I'm the worlds worst at math and here we are only getting roughly 1 minute give or take to complete each math question. However, once i started i tried to keep a quick pace but I really tried to solve the problem thoroughly before moving on. In fact, I finished the section with around 5 minutes to spare which gave me plenty of time to go back and review my answers and to make corrections where needed. The other segments went like a breeze. The only one that I can say that gave me the hardest time was the Mechanical test and the Electrical test. Both of those subjects I know nothing about. BUT, there were a handful of questions that I did know, and using that organ called a brain and some good ole logic I think I did pretty well.

The entire time it took from the time I left me house to the time I arrive back at my house was around 8.5 hours total. It was extremely boring but it wasn't excruciating.

Now for the fun part......................NOT!

After waiting for what seemed like 30 minutes outside for Sgt. Bruce to recieve the results he finally came out, with results in hand. I could tell by the look on his face that it wasn't good. So I inquired how bad the damage was. He said not good. So he handed me the paper and as I'm looking around frantically for my score he points to an double digit humber under my name.


Yep, you read correctly. That's no typo. it read "04" as my score. Now keep in mind that this is based off of a 99 point score. At this point the blood drained from my face, my ears got hot, and I began to frantically think of what the hell happened for me to score a ZERO FOUR out of NINE NINE. So we make our way to the car. He's informing me that I have a lot of studying to do, HAHAHAHAHA. Studying, STUDYING!!! If you score a 04 on an ASVAB you need to go all the way back to kindergarten. Your border line retarded if you actually score a 04 on the ASVAB. So as we're leaving the parking lot I remembered the test admin saying before we even started to make sure our info at the top of the page ie. full name/ssn/and other test info was correct or else we could only score a few points. So I mentioned it to him. He said what test book did you have, I told him 25b, he said are you sure, i said 90% sure. So he says "SHIT", whips the car around in the intersection and off we go back to the base. So we're back at the base and he has me wait out side, telling me that he's going to go plead my case with the test admin.

About 15 minutes later he's beckons me in. He says the test admin has one question for me. So i greet the test admin, Bob (who's a great guy) and he asks me what book did I have. I said 25b, he said good you got that right, so he showed me my form and sure enough I did. He said do you remember what color the book was, I said yes brown. So he looks through his books and says Light brown or Dark brown. I said Dark Brown, and he says AHA! He hands me the book and on the front of the book in big bold white letters it says 25a.


Not "b" but "a". Which means the computer used the answers for test "b" to grade answers for test "a". There was the problem. I put the wrong letter beside 25. I have no idea how I messed that up but I did and I have no excuse. I just wasn't paying attention to such a miniscule thing that I messed up. He said that since its electronic its permanent immediately. In shock I just sat back and looked at the book. I looked at my recruiter and apologized for wasting his time, thanked the Test admin for being so gracious in even attempting to help me and left the building.

One screw up and I failed. One tiny little hickup and it was over. Now I have to wait 30 days before I can retake the test. All is not lost but I learned a VERY valuable lesson today. Never underestimate the tiny miniscule things in life, for those tiny bricks are what hold the bigger bricks up and if one falls out of the wall the rest of the wall crumbles. I can retake the ASVAB come November 8th. I will be there yet again to take the test.

For the rest of the day I was extremely discouraged and depressed and mad and frusterated and and number of other things. Not towards my recruiters or towards the Test admin but towards myself. I was extremely embarrassed by this because this is not what I am. I'm not the person who misses the tiny things. In fact I'm pretty anal about the specifics. when it comes to anything, I have to understand it through and through. I have trained myself to be this way so that things like this don't happed when it really counts ie. on the front line, taking orders, etc. I was immensely mad at myself for failing at something that i pride myself at being damn near perfect at.

So I spent the rest of my day berating myself mentally about my mistake. I was pretty down afterwards. I sat for a good while just staring at the floor wondering how I goofed up like that. Later on that night as I was getting in the shower I looked in the mirror at myself. I took a good hard look and in doing so I realized that I am not the type of person who thinks of giving up when I'v been knocked to the floor. I'm not the type who walks around whining about my problems, trying to get sympathy from people to maybe help me feel good. That is not me and nor was I about to start. From that point forward I accepted the fact that whats done is done. I have learned a hard lesson today but I'm a better person because of it. So I made a pact with myself that from now on i would start riding my bike to the office (5.5 miles one way) instead of driving just to prove my dedication not only to my family, friends, and recruiters but to myself that what you want in life is worth fighting for with all your might. Never back down and never give up

Hopefully you who are considering joining the military can take this as a lesson as well. Even those of you who happen to find your way to my blog can benefit from other peoples mistakes. i have lived my life that way so that I wouldn't make the same mistakes, but be careful. For in doing so you'll lose sight of your own footing and soon you'll trip. You just have to decide to either pick yourself up and dust yourself off, or lay there and cry for help.


No training today since it was a crazy day.



Breakfast: Protein bar

Lunch: Beef Stew

Dinner: Ham with pineapple, wild rice, corn, and bread


  Today is pretty much a lazy day. I had to run and do some errands which was only supposed to take about an hour but ended up taking 3 hours. So now I'm back home and trying to cram more info into my head for the ASVAB tomorrow. It's going to be a long boring day full of the oh so famous, hurry up and wait. I'm confident I'll at least do average if not better but I would really like to score high just to give me a wide range of MOS's to choose from. As of this moment I'm currently looking into any of the 03XX fields. My parents are extremely against Infantry, but lets face it. The back bone of the Marine Corps is the Infantry. It always has been that way. Now I don't want to sound like I'm demeaning any other Marine who isn't an Infantryman. They are all equally honorable and receive every ounce of respect from my family and I.

I haven't quite pin pointed why I want to join Infantry yet. I just feel like deep down in my soul that that's where I belong. And to be perfectly honest, it scares the hell out of me. I'm extremely intimidated by all of this because I have A) not been on my own like this yet B) never experienced anything like this yet and C) come to terms that I very well could die in this profession. However, after coming to terms with these and other facts, I still want this more then anything. I want the unknown outcome, the extremely hard challenges that could make or break me, and the Honor and Pride that come with this achievement. I want to be apart of the Marine Corps not only because they are the best of the best but because of the brotherhood. Those you meet in the Marine Corps are your brothers for eternity, for even when you die you'll meet them in heaven, guarding its streets.

So again, I haven't quite come up with a good excuse for the Infantry. The best I can say is it was just meant for me. It's like when you meet the love of your life that you get married to and live happily ever after. That's how I feel about the Marine Corps and the Infantry. It's an unexplainable love, that's just there. You can't explain it but it burns inside of you like ten million fires.

Alright, enough of this poetic b.s.


3 sets of maximum rep Push-Ups
3 sets of maximum rep Pull-Ups
3 sets of maximum rep Sit-Ups

2 mile run


Breakfast: Cereal Bar

Lunch: Chinese consisting of Seseame chicken, fried rice, and bottle of water (VERY UNHEALTHY)

Dinner: Left over's


Well today is the day. I went and talked with my recruiter Ssgt. Hunter and Ssgt. Murray and I'm squared away to go to MEPs today around 2p.m. I'll be staying over night to take the physical tomorrow and will be home later in the afternoon.

We basically sat down and filled out all of my paper work which took about 2 hours. After getting that done we scheduled my test and now we wait. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be officially enlisted into the United States Marine Corps.

I'll have more to updated you on when I get back from MEPs tomorrow afternoon.


Well I went to the recruiter's office today for our scheduled meeting to get everything going and found out that I'll have to wait till Wednesday to go take the ASVAB and MEPs. My diploma came from a homeschooling association and has given me quite a fit with trying to enlist. I came into contact with the xo that over see's all of Orlando's recruiting offices and explained to him my problem. The next day (saturday) i got a call from one of my recruiters, Ssgt. Hunters, saying that I'm good to go with the Dimplom. Well I went in today to enlist and we ran into the same problem again. we couldn't get a hold of the xo because he was at an xo conference so we have to postpone everything till wednesday. So it looks like I'll have to wait till then before I get the final word.

i'm so stressed out about this. i just wish they'ed accept it already. I mean techanically I'm smarter then your average public schooler only because I have had to go through more schooling then public schoolers. On top of that I have a years worth of college under my belt, so I'm lost as to how they think I'm not qualified.

But, we'll see come wednesday. _________________________________________________________________


3 sets of maximum rep Push-Ups
3 sets of maximum rep Pull-Ups
3 sets of maximum rep Sit-Ups

1 mile time trial


3 meals consisting of:

Breakfast: Cereal

Snack: Snickers Marathon Bar

Lunch: Big Mac, small fry, & Large Sweet Tea

Dinner: ????