Who is this guy...........

My name is Justin Davis. I was born on September 22nd 1988 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I grew up in a mixture of different environments including, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, and Florida where I currently reside. I've had a wild school experience due to public schools lack of structure. I went to public school until the tenth grade until I withdrew and started homeschooling. That has had its pro's and con's but in the end home schooling gave me more opportunities and freedoms then I could have gotten through the public school system such as a full time job, part time college, starting my own business, etc. I am currently in the Marine Corps D.E.P awaiting my ship date of .................. After that my life will literally take off and I'll do good to hold on for dear life and to try and wrestle as much control over it as to not stray.

My hobbies range from Martial Arts to Digital Design. I spend a lot of time creating digital art for private buyers ranging from website banners, signatures, and layouts, to T-shirt designs, logo's, and custom art. As you can see above, I like to manipulate photo's. You can visit my DeviantArt page here to view more of my art. Aside from Digital Design, I also own and run a popular forum Khaos Forums. It's a free for all no rules forum for people from many walks of life. It's a place to chat with old friends and to make new ones.

I also play a lot of guitar. I own five guitars; an Ibanez acoustic, an ESP AX-250, a Jackson Randy Rhoads Flying V, an Epiphone Les Paul Goth, and a rare Lotus Strat mock. I play a lot of heavy metal ranging from Metallica to Lamb of God to Strapping Young Lad. I started playing when I was fourteen so I've been at it for around six years now. I'd say I'm no beginner but I'm nothing spectatcular by any means, haha.

So that is me in a tiny little nut shell.