I just started my new running schedule today. It's based off of Stew Smiths Marathon running plan found here. I've been running on average of 15 miles give or take a week for the past 8 months so I'll be aiming for the higher stats i.e Monday = 1-2 miles, therefore I'd run 2 miles rather than 1. As for the biking and swiming, I'll be replacing that with a long walk with my dog. Similar effect and he gets to exercise more as well.

*sorry I had to break it up into sections, the blog software won't let me upload anything past a certain #x# or #.##mb*


Greetings! I thought I'd update you guys with an awesome website I found while looking for Marine Corps pay info. This pretty much lists all aspects of Marine Corps pay. On top of having a killer pay chart and guide, the rest of the website is just as helpful. Here's the link.


Whew, well........ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It's been a crazy past few weeks with all the holidays and such. I hope all of you guys had a great holiday, I know I did. I also know that I ate like a pig during the holidays and boy do I feel like crap about it, haha. So.....time for a good workout to help shed some of that holiday fat.

Monday - Wednesday - Friday

10 minutes of full body stretches
1 mile warm up jog followed by a 2 mile run; at least 7:30 miles
5 minute break, hydrate, stretch legs
Push ups - 3 sets of max rep
Crunches - 3 sets of max rep
Pull ups - 3 sets of max reps
Boot beaters/Deep Squats - 3 sets - 30,20,10
5 minute break, hydrate, stretch
Jump rope/jumping jacks - 30 minutes
Cool down with 1/2 mile walk, hydrate, stretch


Well, its been about 5 days now since last weeks PT, and I still feel like I have been hit by a train. Now one would think that that would mean I am way out of shape. I'm not in 110% Marine Corps shape, but I'm a hell of a lot more fit than most people out there. None the less, I still feel like crap.

So I looking around at how to deal with soreness. Ranging from preventing it, knowing it, and getting rid of it. Being a triathlete I know about lactic acid, potassium, all that good stuff, but some of you may not know what the hell I'm even talking about. So below is an article I found addressing soreness, types of soreness, and how to deal with it.

Your best bet (and this is what I follow) is to stay hydrated, make sure you intake roughly one banana at least every other day (or multi-vitamins), and always ALWAYS stretch before and after. Look at it this way. Your body is like an car engine on a slick corvette. You wouldn't start the car up cold and take off on a track without warming the engine up first. You don't want to cause damage to the engine so you let it warm up. Same goes for your body. You don't get off your couch and take off running down the road without even so much as touching your toes first. That's how you acquire injuries. Not only do injuries hurt, they also throw you off your training loop because you most likely skip a day of training due to the pain. So do your self a huge favor and always stretch before and after you workout.


How to Get Rid of Sore Muscles

By: ????

Why Do Your Muscles Become Sore Anyway?

Whenever you engage in an unusual level of physical activity, whether lifting weights, going for a jog, or simply moving a heavy piece of furniture you create microscopic tears in your muscle tissue. Don’t worry; this is normal – when your body rebuilds the damaged muscle it grows back bigger and stronger than before. This is the same mechanism that athletes and bodybuilders use to become faster, bigger and stronger. As a general rule, the more you exert yourself, the more microscopic tears you create, and the more soreness you feel later on as the muscles are being repaired by your body. The soreness itself is a result of both the damage to the muscles, and chemical waste products produced by the muscles during use (namely lactic acid).

Different Types of Muscle Soreness

If you’ve found yourself with sore muscles and have come here in search of relief – the first thing you should do is determine the cause of the soreness. Is it normal post-workout soreness or does it feel much worse than that?

Normal, Post-Workout Muscle Soreness

Many people who work out on a regular basis will describe this type of muscle pain as ‘good’ – many even enjoy it as a sign that they’ve pushed themselves hard enough to see a benefit from their exercise as the muscle fibers grow back stronger than before. Normal muscle soreness manifests itself as a dull but localized pain in the worked muscles that doesn’t limit range of motion but may be accompanied by tightness and temporary loss of strength. It can appear right after your workout, or several hours after your workout (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).


You can reduce some of the discomfort by stretching the sore muscles often to keep them from tightening up along with participating in light cardiovascular training to get the blood and lymphatic systems moving (to assist flushing of remaining waste products like lactic acid). Anti-inflammatories such as ibuprophen can help relieve the pain, but it has been argued that they may also limit muscle gain.

Strained or Overexerted Muscle Soreness

This happens when you push too hard, too fast and is most common in people who are just beginning a workout program and overdo it on the first few trips to the gym. The symptoms are the same as in normal, post-workout soreness but with the addition of tenderness in the area of the strained muscle and painful tightness which may limit your range of motion.


If the pain is severe, see your doctor. If it’s tolerable, try not to use the muscle and each day you should notice an increased range of non-painful motion. Stretching *may* help depending on the extent of the strain. If the soreness turns into pain as you stretch, stop and just give that muscle some time to heal. Anti inflammatory medication such as ibuprophen can lessen the immediate pain, but may also lessen your muscle gain.

Pulled or Torn Muscles

This usually happens because a muscle was not fully prepared for exertion or incapable of handling the demanded exertion and is exactly what the title implies. Depending on the amount of overexertion a muscle can be partially or completely torn. A small tear will result in a sharp pain in the effected muscle followed by a similar pain whenever the muscle is called into use. Severe strains cause swelling as blood pools around the injured muscle to protect it and provide some damage control. A larger, or complete tear will be extremely painful and may result in an inability to use the muscle at all – if you are sitting at your PC reading this then you likely don’t have one of these unless your pain threshold is abnormally high.


If you suspect a severely strained or torn muscle, stop exercising, ice the area, and go and see your physician immediately. Continued use of the damaged muscle will only increase the damage and extend healing time. Do NOT apply heat as this will increase the blood flow and swelling, if the area does begin to swell, wrap it snugly with an ace bandage and keep it elevated until your doctor can examine it.

Preventing Sore Muscles

If you’re going to work out, you’re going to experience muscle soreness. You can however, reduce your chances of strains, pulls and tears. Here are some tips:

-Gently stretch each muscle group for at least 60 seconds before and   after your workouts

-Begin and end every workout with an absurdly light load. If you’re about to run, start with 10 minutes of fast walking. If you’re about to lift weights, do a couple of speed sets using only the bar and going through the entire range of motion

-Hydrate! Lots of water or an electrolyte containing sports drink
If weight training, stretch the target muscles between sets

-Finish every workout (even weight training) with 10-15 minutes of light cardio. This gets the blood and lymphatic system flowing and will help eliminate waste products built up from the workout

-Ice the worked muscle group immediately after especially hard workouts


All I can say is....................OUCH!

At PT Wednesday we did out Fallujah workout. It's out hardest training regime that we have. It's pretty brutal, but its a damn good workout. I feel like I got hit by a train, haha. Below is a basic run down of what we did.


Our Fallujah regime is consisted of:
4x100ft Lungs
4x25 kettle ball squats
4x20 push ups
Indian Farkleks 3 miles(however the hell you spell it)
the normal PT push ups, crunches, etc
Crawl tunnel (dunno the actual name for it, you basicall have everyone get into a push up position side by side, then each person crawls through the tunnel)
Marine Corps Push ups (HELL YEA)
Education (we did squats tonight while Sgt. Bruce asked us random Marine Corps Knowledge, if you answered correctly you were done for the night)



I'm sure a few of you guys are wondering where I have been the last few weeks. It's been a long tough road and its only just begun but my family has had a big event happen on our lives. It's something that is wrong, cruel, and something that no one should have to experience but none the less my family is having to go through this ordeal. I am choosing not to give details on the subject because 1) it's to long of a story 2) some people do not want it known outside of the family 3) I've told it so many times I don't think I could possibly stomach having to tell it again.

So I apologize for my absence and also for not informing you guys before hand that I was gonna be gone.

I'll be starting back up on my usual blogging, and will again have to restart my training again. I have been attending PT though through out all of this so I haven't slacked off to much, but next Monday I start back onto my training program, so I'll keep you guys updated.



God bless you guys for protecting not only mine and my families freedoms but also those of the world. With out you Earth as we know it would fall into chaos.


So, our new president elect has been chosen.

To be honest with you guys, I'm afraid. Afraid for our military, afraid for our country, afraid for the world. Obama does two things to me. He inspires me, and he terrifies me. His courage, his honor, his discipline, and his ability to stand against all those who hate him command a level of respect that he deserves. He has stirred up the masses with his hope. His change. He has awaken the youth of this nation to realize that they are apart of the future and in that must do what is not only a duty but their right. That is to vote. For that, he commands a level or respect.

However, his policies that he promises us will "change" our nation terrify me. We are already on the brink of economic melt down. We are teetering on the very edge of uprise or depression. With his proposed tax increases and such, that will surely push us over the edge into the next depression. It's not a matter of opinion or hate. It's a matter of cause and effect. Taxing the big companies will have an immediate and dramatic effect on the lower tiers. We as the middle class will be devastated by that. Again, its a matter of cause and effect.

Oh there will be change alright. It's just not going to be the change a lot of America was hoping for.

Our military will suffer big time. With proposed spending cut backs at the minimum of 25%. Our military is about to hit hard times and I mean all branches of the military. With Obama's proposed policies and promises he'll bring about another Clinton era within the military. I think its safe to say that we all know how horrible that was and if you don't and you disagree, then you need to research and enlighten yourself. Clinton all but destroyed our military and Obama is promising the same path.

His proposed pull back in Iraq means that our children will have to finish the war for us. Terrorism has won, will flourish, and will spread. With out us breathing down their necks, they will yet again aim to strike back at us.
It's only a matter of time. We saw it with Bush Sr. He failed to finish the job the first time around, and look what happened. 9/11

Now Bush Jr. has had the opportunity to eradicate them once and for all and we're so close, but now we'll pull out yet again with only but a few steps away from victory. Mark my words folks, this will be a decision that will haunt America until that day arrives and we are thrust back into yet another war on terrorism.


It just dawned on me that I hadn't come up with weekly schedule. I decided that I'd spread the days out so I'd have at least one day of recovery in between. So my schedule will look like this.

Monday - Chest and Arms
Tuesday - Run 3 miles
Wednesday - PT
Thursday - Run 1.5 miles
Friday -  Legs and Back
Saturday - Run 1 mile
Sunday - Calves and Abs

The miles I'm sure will differ depending on how hard PT was that week. If my legs are insanely sore, the miles will be less, if not I'll increase the miles to make them sore, haha.

Keep in mind our PT's are Cross fit workouts so we work each muscle group.


On another note. I just finished Monday's exercises and I must say..........WOW!!! The arm pump you get from that simple workout is incredible. I literally looks like my arms just got an extra inch added in muscle. I kid you not, I am extremely shocked. So with that said, you guys should most def. give that a try.


Today's the day folks. In one hour I will be starting my new training regime. It's gonna be hard, tiring, stressful, and a sore adventure. BUT, most of all its gonna be fun. I know I know, it sounds crazy to think that but I can't wait. It's gonna be all worth it and its also going to show some huge results. So here we go.

My body stats as of Monday, November 3rd:

Weight - 152lbs
Fat - 10.2%
Muscle - 46.3%
Water - 62.2%
B% - 21.9%

Caloric Intake Average - 1780

First, I'm surprised by my stats. Back in July I weighed around 165 and had quite a bit more muscle, but I went on a break and got stuck on break, lol. So I have pretty much lost what I had worked to get. Such are the dangers of "taking a break". So if you ever decide to take a break, set a limit. Make it a week, two weeks tops.

Second, I'm still surprised hahaha. However, all of that is fixing to change.